Your Consultants & Interim Managers in Health Care and Life Sciences

We are a Business Consultancy in "LifeSciences & Health Care". Our operational experience allows us to work also as Interim Managers for our Clients, as our hands-on contribution to a consistent and sustainable realization and implementation of priority concepts and key actions (see also the download below: our short company brochure, which you can also print as a pdf.). At the same time, we offer an attractive fee-cost-output balance for our customers.

s. also:

What we work for... the benefit of our clients!
As we understand ourselves...
as a competent "manufactory" with tailor-made solutions for our clients!
We are...
highly specialized, with focus on the areas of "Health Care" and "Life Sciences"!
We work...
We bring...
Our many years of experience, with relevance for every task/project!
Testimonials about us...
reliable (see the resp. part of our Website)!

Our Expertise-Span: Relaunches, Launches, LifeCycle-Optimization-/Prolongation. New Products, Licensing and Acquisition. Accordingly:

Our Focus: R&D, Medical Affairs (Phases II - IV, IITs, NIS, Reg.-S., PMS, Med. Writing, CME), Marketing, Sales, Market Access, Business Development, re. relevant issues:

  • Analyzes & Business Intelligence (Technology Assessments, Degree of Innovation, Competition, Performance Comparisons, etc.)
  • Market Research / Market Analytics
  • Technology- and SWOT-Assessments (degree of innovation, competition, performance comparisons, etc.)
  • Strategy Development, Optimization & Reorganization
  • Global/Local Development Operational Plans,
  • Global/Local Commercial Operating Plans,
  • Due Diligence and Risk Opportunity Assessments for M & A / Transactions, Business Plans
  • Licensing Support (Scouting, Negotiating, Contracting)
  • Coaching (Teams / Executives)

Our Clienting Sectors (HQs and affiliates):

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Rx business (NCEs and NBEs with patent protection, Rx generics and biosimilars), OTC business
  • Biotechnology - red.
  • Medical technology: also with a focus on innovative approaches, such as Tele-Medicine
  • Financing Partners: Venture capital and private equity, investors and banks
  • Health insurances: GKV / BKK / PKV
  • Utilities: Hospitals, hospitals and MVZs (Medical Care Centers)
  • Professional societies: Medicine

We hope that our website will be of interest to you, and we would be pleased to hear from you.


S&P: Our Business Areas & Contributions

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