Testimonial re. Consulting & Interim Management in
Manufacturing & Market Supply:

Burkhard Kröger, CEO GPE Group, Neumünster:
... Dr. Mertens from S & P took on the role of responsible planner, strategist and negotiator as part of a complex and innovative telemedicine treatment system actively and in a leadership-oriented manner with the 3-year transfer of the function of an interim CEO for one of our customers. I can recommend the collaboration with Dr. Mertens, S & P, to any supplier, provided that a professional, competent and timely solution to complex tasks is requested.


The GPE Group is an owner-managed, medium-sized and internationally oriented company group. Together with our German group companies, we offer products with a wide product portfolio, from components from simple parts to highly complex assemblies and systems for the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry and safety technology sector. In this respect, the GPE Group is an OEM manufacturer (OEM), but above all acts as a general provider for precise, highly complex and innovative system solutions made of plastic, silicone, metal and sheet as well as optional assembly, packaging and tailor-made logistics solutions as well as complete supply chain management on demand.

Since the end of 2008, the GPE Group has been working under the terms of a development contract for a medical device manufacturer (in accordance with the Medical Devices Act) to develop the market readiness of an innovative telemedical treatment system for use in patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. In the course of the preparation of the industrial series production of this telemedical treatment system, we have worked together with Dr. Mertens, S & P GmbH, to develop all necessary aspects of production, quality assurance, documentation and market supply together as of the beginning of 2012 and finally by concluding a multi-year exclusive Production contract.

In this respect, Dr. Mertens, S & P GmbH, as the interim manager and CEO of our customer, has defined the requirements of a manufacturer in the sense of the Medical Products Act in a forward-looking manner.

In this context, the comprehensive and competent management expertise of Dr. Mertens, S&P, was the key premise to have defined a clear assignment of functions and responsibilities. The essential prerequisites for the successful marketing of the finished products of this telemedicine treatment system, combined with the safe market supply of the patients or end users, were thus also made. Without such a clear and structured approach, the accompanying accreditation and certification questions would not have been reached within the given time and budget.

Dr. Mertens from S & P, with his 3-year experience as interim CEO for out customer, has assumed and implemented the role of responsible planner and strategist of a complex and innovative telemedical treatment system as an efficient manager with a consistent focus to a successful ramp up, and also to the implementation of a variety of future-oriented additional requirements, such as the construction of a second source, rules in the case of a Force Majeur to contractually fixed "RAMS" (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety), "LCC" (Life-Cycle Costing) and cost control requirements. Rarely have we experienced such profound consultation and cooperation that is so deeply rooted in processes and developments.

It is worth mentioning the high professional commitment of Dr. Mertens, S & P, combined with a work style characterized by appreciation and trust, which has always led to a "coexistence" without losing sight of the targets. Dr. Mertens from S & P succeeded in uniting the various interests of the people involved in the economic cycle and aligned them to a common focus.

I can recommend the cooperation with Dr. Mertens, S & P, to every party, provided that a professional, competent and timely solution of complex tasks is requested.