Our Testimonials

We are pleased about the testimonials and personal references received from our satisfied customers and partners.

In this context, we refer to the following branches and functional areas (please see also the details in the left-hand scroll bar):

  • Interim Management
  • Consulting Biotechnology - Therapeutics
  • Consulting Biotechnology – Diagnostics
  • Consulting Health Insurance Companies
  • Consulting Medical Technology
  • Consulting Pharmaceutical - High Price Special Business
  • Consulting Pharma International
  • Consulting Manufacturing - Market Supply
  • Consulting Contract Management (Licensing, Cooperations, Outsourcing)
  • Consulting Venture Capital - Investors
  • Executive Management - Pharma International

Excerpts from our recent Testimonials:

Hannes Schmeil, General Manager ALNYLAM Germany:

"... I can recommend to all decision-makers S & P in good conscience, if they are not looking for consultancy and analysis offerings" off the shelf ", but are interested in tailor-made solutions - those that are operational and actually work ! "

Thomas Krause, General Manager, Brandenburg Capital/ILB:

"... The 3-year activity of the interim CEO / CFO of S & P has always been characterized by the interests of the shareholders and investors, and always competently and hands-on".

Dr. Müller-Kuhrt, CEO Analyticon Discovery GmbH:

"… We can fully recommend the integration of S & P (Dr. Mertens) to any company in the life science industry, which is or must actively deal with validation of its strategy and an associated adjustment of the processes, or reorientation of the organization and key actions".

Franz Schenkel, M.B.A., CEO HSA Americas:

"… To this day, I greatly admire your ability - in charge as Group Vice President and Head of International Marketing and Medicine Division of BASF AG’s Global Pharma Business - to balance hard-nosed analytical and strategic thinking with a unique skill to navigate complex organizational environments, professional and personal integrity and - perhaps most important - your sincere personal engagement with your teams as well as internal and external counterparts".

Prof. Dr. jur. Walter L. Rust, LLM.:

"....The collaboration was characterized by mutual trust, and I can recommend S & P and Dr. Mertens to accompany life science companies at any time".

Burkhard Kröger, CEO GPE Group, Neumünster:

"... Dr. Mertens from S & P took on the role of responsible planner, strategist and negotiator as part of a complex and innovative telemedicine treatment system actively and in a leadership-oriented manner with the 3-year transfer of the function of an interim CEO for one of our customers. I can recommend the collaboration with Dr. Mertens, S & P, to any supplier, provided that a professional, competent and timely solution to complex tasks is requested".

Frank Michalak, Chairman of the Board / CEO of the AOK North-East:

"Dr. Mertens from S & P is a professional and works with a very focused and purpose-oriented working approach. His experience contributed significantly to the fact that the start-up company EMPERRA was able to realize the pilot project with the AOK Nordost. Even when difficulties arose, he succeeded in bringing the 3 ½ years process to success through his gainful human behaviour".

Dr. Andreas Baltrusch (Ph.D), previous Chairman of the Board / CEO of CODON AG:

"S & P has intensively accompanied a required change process within co.don AG over a period of 18 months. The entire project was divided into well structured subprojects by Dr. Horst Mertens with a very experienced handwriting. Under the leadership of Dr. Mertens and Dr. Schneider, S & P has provided very pragmatic proposals for a future-oriented expansion and process structure. I would recommend him and the S & P team again, if necessary, and would highly recommend S & P to other decision-makers in the LifeScience industry as a management consultancy and management coach".