S & P offers services in M&A, consulting, services and project management for the providers and market participants in "LifeSciences & Health Care":

  • M&A and Transactions, Due Diligence, Risk-Oppotunity-Assessements (in JV with WEISSKNIGHT London)
  • Analyzes & Business Intelligence
  • Strategy Consulting & Reorganization
  • Project Support & Outsourcing Partner (Interim Management  /Project Management)

Our Sectors / Clients (HQs and affiliates):

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Rx business (NCEs and NBEs with patent protection, Rx generics and biosimilars), OTC business
  • Medical technology: Focus on innovative approaches, such as Tele-Medicine
  • Biotechnology - red.
  • Financing: Venture capital and private equity, investors and banks
  • Health insurance: GKV / BKK / PKV
  • Utilities: Hospitals, hospitals and MVZs (Medical Care Centers)
  • Professional societies: Medicine
  • Government agencies: Federation, country, municipalities

We do not know anything better than our clients.

However: we have - depending on the task set - together with our specialized and competent network partners - knowledge, experience and methodologies to improve relevant business factors for and with our clients:

  • In the infield and for the outer field
  • In the so-called Soft Factors
  • In the so-called Hard Factors

We are a business consultancy. At the same time, our operational experience allows us to work as interim managers for our clients. The latter as our contribution to the consistent and sustainable realization and implementation of priority concepts. See also the download below: our short company brochure, which you can also print as a pdf.

  • What we work for: for the benefit of our clients!
  • We understand ourselves: As a competent "manufactory" with tailor-made solutions for our clients!
  • We are: highly specialized, with focus on the areas of "Health Care" and "Life Sciences"!
  • We work: Efficient!
  • We bring: Our many years of experience in every project!

We know:
Each of our clients is faced with different tasks due to their grown or "new" culture, portfolio composition or services, but also due to the customer structure and market representation at home and abroad. For this reason, together with our clients (their project teams, task forces, executives, steering committees), S & P develops solutions that are specifically tailored to their specific tasks and challenges. This is how we develop actionable and sustainable results.

We know also:
The corporate processes and the environment of our clients. This knowledge is a prerequisite for us in the joint development of effective solutions, for the benefit of our clients.

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