Licensing Management (In-Out)

Via our Dr. Horst Mertens S&P is member in:

  1. PLCD Pharma License Club Germany
  2. Swiss HLG Swiss Healthcare Licensing Group
  3. Network of the Pharmaceutical Licensing Group Europe

Current statement of the PLCD at

“The prerequisites for economic success within the pharmaceutical industry have changed fundamentally. For established pharmaceutical companies, it is no longer possible to rely solely on the product flow from their own R&D activities. With increased development effort and increased development risks, neither the financial nor the human resources are often sufficient. It is often not possible for aspiring biotechnology companies to fully exploit the value of their own technologies alone. In addition, there is often a lack of appropriate skills and capacities in the development and marketing of new products. For all companies, even with potential “blockbusters”, it can be more effective to use the already existing marketing potential of a competent partner immediately, instead of building it up again alone and with the risk of failure. In this environment it is more than ever a success factor for every company active in the pharmaceutical sector to find the right partner or partners for development or marketing. Most companies have functions for the on and off licensing of the relevant rights.”

We at S&P - as members of the PLCD - work for clients in this context and provide our services for in-licensing and out-licensing. We are aimed at managers in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology and offer expertise, competence, and support for their in- and / or outlicensing processes.

Please see also the attached file "M&A_Transactions_Licensing_etc."


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