Our Performance Profile in CME

We provide complete consulting & management of CME approaches and processes for our clients.

Our Expertise:

  1. Management of more than 60 German-wide standard topics, including case studies and take home messages
  2. Event support in more than 25 indicative areas, in addition to all formats "Invitation & Program (DIN A4 4-Sided, DIN A4 6-Sided, DIN A5 4-Sided, DIN A5 6-Sided)"
  3. Formal and complete elaboration of learning contents and learning objectives, as well as the preparation of student follow-up exercises (versions of participants and lecturers) in collaboration with Medical-Scientific Advisory Boards
  4. Evaluations: Complete individual and overall evaluations of all CME events with synthesis and management reports
  5. Contract management mandated by clients, Advisory Boards and Medical Lecturers
  6. Mandated creation and implementation of business regulations for Advisory Boards and Medical Lecturers.
  7. Mandated handling of fees for Advisory Boards and Medical Lecturers as well as "On-site Support"

Our expertise in preparation, implementation, documentation and archiving

  • We provide a professional and competent contribution: to individual CME events for medical professionals, but above all to strategically designed, larger CME training programs for business units or for companies as a whole
  • Our clients: pharmaceuticals, medical technology and diagnostics

Our interactions

  • Consultative interaction with the management of our clients
  • Operational interaction with employees and functional areas of our clients
  • Conceptual and operational interaction with Medical-Scientific Advisory Boards and Speakers / Medical Lecturers.