S&P's CME-Management

The abbreviation CME means: Continuing Medical Education. This is addressed to certified training for doctors and medical specialists.

S & P is an experienced consulting partner on the subject of "CME" for all industrial providers in the health care market:

  • Large companies with a broad product or indication portfolio
  • Smaller companies with a very focused portfolio approach

According to current laws (SGB V, § 95/137) and directives in Germany and many other countries, industry companies from LifeSciences / HealthCare can sponsor or promote the CME training for medical specialists or physicians, pharmacists, psychiatrists, MTAs, etc..

This contribution is also used by providers (pharmaceutical / medical technology) as a strategy with key actions for the transfer of knowledge and to gain higher customer loyalty of specific target groups.

The industrial CME organizers are also obliged to apply the rules of BÄK, LÄKs, KBV, KV'en, SGB V etc., industrial guidelines / codes and internal compliance guidelines [= Good CME Practice].