S&Ps Product Analysis

Companies in the LifeScience area also show their process performance in the so-called EXTRINSIC AREAS, such as mindset, commitment, customer work, services, supply chain management, value communication, and last but not least, customer credibility.

LifeScience PRODUCTS represent their values by INTRINSIC PERFORMANCE: safety, efficacy, sustainable treatment outcomes, health economic value and acceptance.

Other key questions about the marketing success are:

  1. What do customers prescribers / buyers judge as valuable for themselves, today and tomorrow?
  2. Which company processes assure a successful and sustainable customer access?
  3. Which approaches in marketing, sales and medical affairs are the most successful ones for providers?
  4. Why do competitors achieve better results, often with considerably less costs?
  5. Which competitors set benchmarks regarding customer satisfaction and customer loyalty? Why?
  6. Which strategies and concepts have to be developed and cultivated to achieve a sustained preference of customers for your company, its products and services?

The following download shows excerpts of S & P's approach to project / product strategy.