S&Ps Profile re. Market Access

S & P is not an advertising agency! We are consultants with holistic experience in market access.

S & P provides sustainable support in the development of an "optimum brand value" by pursuing a cross-functional approach to consulting: Market access processes and HEOR strategies are supported by our experienced consultants through the integration of expertise into clinical development, performance indicators and market considerations.

We design a cross-functional approach to market access:

  • Development of strategies and key actions for market access
  • Validation and optimization of our clients' business processes in Health Economics / Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Advice on cost-benefit aspects in the markets
  • Team coaching
  • Optimization of cross-functional processing

Our consulting offer:

  • Preparatory market analyses
  • Analyses of Clinical Masterplans / Global Development Operational Plans
  • Special case Germany: Consultancy with regard to the AMNOG (German Arzneimittelneurordnungsgesetz)
  • Check the patient relevance re. endpoints
  • Selection of instruments for quality of life measurement
  • Appropriate comparison therapy (ZVT - Zweckmäßige Vergleichstherapie)
  • Integration of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)
  • Strategies for target-group-specific benefit arguing
  • Strategies and key actions for approach and management (customizing) of market-relevant stakeholders