Market Access, Health Economics & Outcomes Research

In the excellent manual "Market Access" [Editors: Dr. Thomas Ecker, Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Preuß, Prof. Dr. Ralph Tunder; Fachverlag der Handelsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH] it is carried out:

"Market Access unifies all activities which are responsible for an optimal introduction and life cycle management of Force Products in the most important pharma markets."

S & P agrees with this intelligent and comprehensive definition. But we would like to add:

Proactive market access management requires explicite integration into the full entrepreneurial reality of providers / market participants, rather than its delegation into the "expert tower". This includes understanding and process integration of Health Economics & Outcome Research [HEOR], to the level of executive management.

The crucial 3 working approaches of Market Access - as described in the aforementioned manual by Tunder et. al. are:

  • Finding the optimal price = international perspective
  • Securing the maximum reimbursement of the product = national perspective
  • Overcoming further admission hurdles such as drug lists, tenders, tender / regulatory mechanisms [budgets, drug guidelines, regress assessments] in certain submarkets = regional perspective

In order to make these three crucial tasks of market access proliferative and target-promoting, or to work towards their realization, S & P supports the companies of the healthcare industry as a qualified consultancy firm.