S&Ps Business Wargaming

Depending upon the situation a company is facing, conducting a wargame accomplishes several different purposes.

For example, it can help convert data and information about a market, competitors, and other factors into actionable intelligence that adds real value to the quality of planning.

Once the dangers of ‘steering by the wake,’ simply extrapolating past strategic successes into the future.

A wargame can generate an appropriate mix of both hard and soft deliverables.

  • The HARD DELIVERABLES from a wargame are usually documented in the Action Report prepared shortly after the wargame’s completion.
  • The SOFT DELIVERABLES are reflected in changes in the “hearts and minds” of the participants, such as new insights, knowledge, and skills developed from wargame role-playing.

With the download below we would like to point out our approach re. business wargaming.