Strategy - Restructuring/M&A - Reorganization

Our target / interest groups:

  • Owners or shareholders of companies in LifeSciences / Health Care
  • The management of a company / institution or its areas of operation in LifeSciences / Health Care (possibly represented in so-called Steering Committees)
  • Employees and teams in LifeSciences / Health Care: R & D, Marketing, Sales, Medical Affairs / Medical Liaison Management, Market Access, Market Analytics, Business Development (often also organized in so-called Project Task Forces in our projects).

In CONSULTING and INTERIM MANAGEMENT we support our clients with:

  • Restructuring and M & A contributions (national / international), head offices / subsidiaries / representations
  • Reorganization and Implementation of new Concepts
  • Optimization of sales-approaches, pricing and earnings
  • Life cycle concepts for projects & products with relevance for franchises / BUs, companies
  • Financial Modeling and Planning
  • Risk Scenarios
  • Sensitivity and Robustness Analyzes, Trade Offs (Resource Allocation, Investments vs. RoIs, etc.)
  • Competitive Business Strategies or Business Field Strategies (Analysis, Planning, Implementation) in R & D, Pre-Marketing, Marketing, Sales, Customizing, Stakeholder Management etc.
  • Team coaching and development with improved implementation of decisions made
  • Business Wargaming & Risk Analysis
  • Concepts & Planning in Market Access

What our clients say about our consultancy and our interim management?
Please visit our website part "Our Testimonials": (Pharma, Biotech [Therapy / Diagnostics] and Med.-Tech./Tele-Medicine) etc.

S&Ps Strategic Projects: Excerpt

S&Ps_Strategic_Projects_Excerpt.pdf (88.5 KiB)