Onsite Interviews - face to face

Primary research

2. Onsite interviews (individual / face-to-face)

  • Optimal duration per interview: max. 90 minutes!
  • Also an open guide interview, which can flexibly follow the dynamics of the conversation process, or: a structured guide interview with a fixed question sequence, or semi-standardized interview with a mixture of open and closed questions.
  • The operational area is also the qualitative and punctual analysis of customer satisfaction (service, communication, information, etc.) and customer expectations, as well as a more differentiated first assessment of new, fundamental product, marketing and sales concepts.
  • In this procedure, longer / deeper interviews are possible, with improved target-outcome control by interviewers, along with targeted inquiries / clarification of comprehension questions.
  • The method is suitable for a wide range of questions, for all target groups. Examinations materials (products, visual concepts, etc.) can also be investigated.
  • The use of on-site / face-to-face interviews is the tool of choice as a pathfinder and as a precursor of larger quantitative studies.