Internet-based Surveys

Primary research

1. Internet-based surveys

  • Optimal duration per individual data entry: max. 30 minutes!
  • In this type of quantitative market study, we employ a so-called closed questionnaire. This usually contains max. 25 main questions, each with 3-6 thematically associated sub-questions.
  • There is a fixed question sequence (no moving back / no unsolved moving forward), and also ID numbers for the classification of defined customer groups and authentication assignments are applied to participating individuals.
  • The systematic quantitative evaluation and interpretation takes place according to the customer group, according to mean values, median values, modal values ​​and standard deviations, in tables and meaningful graphics.
  • This method provides a good quantitative and selective analysis of customer satisfaction (service, communication, information, etc.) and customer expectations on selected specific questions.
  • The relevance of the questions presented in such a study can be assessed in overall comparison of all questions, as well as performance-score-based assessments of the survey participants to predefined intrinsic product and extrinsic service or interaction profiles.
  • If desired, a  presentation of the results for the client takes place (max. 3 hours).