ICCBA - Innovative Customer-Client-Brand-Assessment

Primary research

2. ICCBA [Innovative Customer Client Brand Assessment] via CPA [Customer Perception Audit]

Optimal duration per individual group-on-site survey, each with 10 - 30 participants: max. 3 hours!

The ICCBA is our top-level method of choice and further our quantitative method for "Market Analytics". Please also print out our current folder on the ICCBA (pdf, see end of page). Please also print out our current folder on the ICCBA (pdf, see end of page).

Our ICCBA via CPA provides a comprehensive quantitative analysis of customer perception, customer satisfaction and customer service (service, communication, information, etc.), relevance analyses of questions, quantitative assessments to the intrinsic (product) and extrinsic (service / interaction) criteria in a direct comparison "client + 8 competitors and their 8 products", respectively, in a simultaneous process:

  • Our client: directly / simultaneously compared to up to 8 of his key-competitors, and:
  • The client's investigative key product: directly / simultaneously compared to up to 8 of its key competitors’ products!
  • Main fields of application: if a vendor offers a new product in the launch planning, or would like to plan and implement decisive and innovative approaches for improved life-cycle management with sales and earnings growth, and clearly optimized, competitive market and customer work.
  • For each ICCBA study for our clients, we conduct up to 20 onsite surveys per country, each with 10 - 30 participants (i.e. sample size per customer group > 40 individuals, total number of participants up to < 600). At the same time, we are able to examine up to 9 customer or stakeholder groups and, in addition to our client, up to 8 comparative companies and products.
  • For this purpose, print-questionnaires are used, with 8 to 12 areas of interest, with max. 160 main questions including thematically related sub-questions, and 5 - 10 "free questions".
  • The systematic quantitative evaluation and interpretation takes place specifically in correspondence to the customer groups, according to mean values, median values, modal values ​​and standard deviations, in tables and meaningful graphics. This applies to both the relevance of the questions posed and the performance scores re. the comparative companies and products of our client.
  • The main evaluation is done in pooled form, and the subgroup evaluation is separated. The analysis results are therefore based on the individual data records.
  • The final results are processed, structured and prioritized in an illustrative chart report.
  • In addition, the ICCBA theme clusters are presented in a concise comparison.
  • Basically, at least a one-day presentation and discussion of the ICCBA results will be given by the client.

The following download provides you with a detailed overview of our ICCBA. Please contact us. After a detailed project briefing, we will gladly submit you our tailor-made offer.

ICCBA - Innovative Customer-Client-Brand-Assessment

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