Analysis & Business Intelligence - External Field

We carry out informative outdoor field analyzes for our clients and thus make our contribution to sustainable, organizational and procedural optimization.

During our upcoming consulting tasks we were very often provided with inadequate data or data with high deficits, generated by market research of other companies. The information provided was frequently "incompatible" with our consultancy work. As a result, we have developed our own market analytics performance and are able to apply them in various methodological approaches.

Note: In principle, S & P applies the "Guideline for Studies in Health Care for Market and Social Research" (Source: ADM, ASI, BVM, DGOF, ESOMAR) for the methods used in Market Analytics. Attachment pdf].

We are able to take our clients with us on the way to sustainable and effective strategies and key actions: In reports, meetings and exercises in the context of our own work in Market Analytics.

Thus: S & P provides German and multilingual qualitative and quantitative studies and surveys for primary and secondary research in the area of ​​"Market Analytics" for our clients on various questions and tasks in Germany / the EU:

Our qualitative studies / methods (primary research)

  • Telephone Interviews (Individual)
  • On-site interviews (individual / face-to-face)
  • On-site focus groups (face-to-face)

Our quantitative studies / methods (primary research)

  • Internet-based surveys / studies
  • ICCBA [Innovative Customer-Client-Brand-Assessment]

The following sections provide an overview.