Our Performance & Contributions in M&A, Transactions and Due Diligence


As a key premise for any M&A or Business Transaction in LifeSciences & Health Care (Biotech and Med-Tech.), WEISSKNIGHT and S&P in a productive JV provide Due Diligence Processes, including opportunity-risk-assessements as well as specific degrees of depth: analysis, due diligence results, consumption of resources and time.

We would be happy to discuss with you the most up-to-date company valuations and the possibilities and probabilities of success in selling your company or other issues. Contact us strictly confidentially either by:

  • e-mail info@shcp.de, or
  • by phone directly under +49 (0) 4503-779789-0 to arrange a personal and non-binding conversation.


The following examples of various due diligence checklists do not claim to be complete, valid or correct. S & P (Germany) and WEISSKNIGHT (UK) assume no liability, etc., for any damages arising from any use of these exemplary and purely informative due diligence checklists.

Our M&A services:

WEISSKNIGHT (UK) and S & P (Germany) as professional M & A advisors to LifeSciences / Health Care advise and support either the buy side or the seller side on 6 key processes in M&A/Transactions:

1. Company valuation analyses:

  • Analysis and report to understand current valuation level, and actions to be implemented in order to maximize the long-term valuation of the business.
  • Fairness opinion to board of directors / shareholders in case of unsolicited offer(s) from potential buyer(s).

2. Strategic options review:

  • Market and competitor analysis (local & international.
  • Analysis of the current strengts & weaknesses of the business.
  • Contributions to improve the Strategy as well as to define Strategic Key Drivers and Key Actions in order to maximize the long-term valuation of the business.

3. Corporate development services:

  • Outsourced sales office, focus on international client’s search.
  • Documentation and strategy to attract new international clients.
  • Sales process to get a maximum of potential clients on-board.

4. M&A buy-side services:

  • Phase 1: Systematic international search / identification – mapping of the existing potential targets.
  • Phase 2: M&A process management (from discussions initiation, up/until closing).

5. Private Placement services:

  • Private placement memorandum and financial engineering consulting work.
  • Systematic international search / identification – mapping of the relevant potential investors.
  • Funding process management (from discussions initiation, up/until closing)

6. M&A exit international auction process:

  • Information memorandum and financial engineering work to maximize exit valuation.
  • Mapping of the reölevant potential buyers (strategic, financial …)
  • M&A process management (from A to Z)